IIT Roorkee admits non engineering students into its management programmes after 20 years

By | August 28, 2019

The Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee has started admitting non-engineering students into its management programmes after 20 years. According to the officials of the institute with the admission of the non-engineering students to the management programmes the institution aims to connect the industry demand for the candidates from the different academic background.

The Department of Management Studies at IIT Roorkee began classes in 1998 and according to the university; the first batch included 57 students from which seven were international students. From the 57 students in the first batch, 25 were engineering graduates while the rest belonged to different programmes such as management, commerce, science, arts, B.Sc agriculture etc.

IIT Roorkee officials have informed that the induction of the non-engineering students was discontinued after the first batch which will begin from this academic year onwards. Director of IIT Roorkee,  Ajit K Chaturvedi said that that it is important for the industry today to hire candidates from different background and this move will help in reducing the gap between the demand and availability.

A senior teacher at the institution said that academic session began on July 2019, and four students joined the programme which brought the number to 10 percent of the total strength of the first year. The next target of the institution will be to reduce the male-female ratio in the classes.

The head of the Department of Management Studies at IIT Roorkee, M K Barua said that the steps taken are aimed towards collaborative learning and knowledge. He added that the engineering students will gain a better knowledge of the financial concepts from the commerce students while the latter could always help them in the technical aspects. Other graduates will also witness similar experiences by cross-sharing knowledge among the graduates.

Since the industry is looking for candidates from different academic backgrounds the institution decided to make the shift and this move is meant to keep up with the times and celebrate the diversity of the discipline in the classroom. He also added that the academic diversity is not only meant to ensure rich educational experience but also meant to help break the stereotypical problem solving and processing method.

The current batch of MBA students consists of 10 percent non-engineering graduates which include students from commerce stream. One of the B.Com graduates currently pursuing MBA at IIT Roorkee said that the institution emphasized on the importance of learning new and emerging technologies which are in demand today. The management programme at IIT Roorkee provides an environment which helps in building acumen and help students in acquiring skills through inter-departmental projects.

The Department also plans to reach out to other cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai as well for the next academic session and conduct group discussions and personal interviews for aspiring candidates.

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