Kautilya Pandit: “Google Boy, ” We Are Proud of You For All Indian Boy For Mind Telant Game For KBC In India

Child Sensation, “Google Boy,” Kautilya Pandit – youngest entrepreneur from Haryana, has defied his age and challenged many experts. Having an Intelligence quotient (IQ) of 130 points is leaving people transfixed with his extraordinary power of grasping and recalling tutored facts. His incredible capability to answer any question within a fraction of seconds has already earned him the title of “Google Boy.” Kautilya picked up general knowledge nuggets pertaining to domestic and international affairs, space, geographical borders, natural resources, etc while his age still attempts the alphabets.
“Google Boy,” Kautilya Pandit
“Google Boy,” Kautilya Pandit

At this tender age, he is a veritable encyclopaedia, having learned by rote all kinds of random information about 213 countries across the world. So much so, that he has attracted the attention of international psychology experts who wanted to investigate his learning capabilities. They are trying to analyze his memory quality as to how and in what psychological pattern he memorizes things.

Well, a Psychologist from Kurukshetra University has conducted research and memory tests on him and named him a “genius child.” He was tested on eleven abilities, including information, comprehension, vocabulary, arithmetic, memory span, and the results turned out to be amazing. Kautilya will inspire young students to aim big and aim at something they are passionate about.

This genius little child has now memorized the whole of the atlas with correct and complete data. He can tell you the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and per capita income of any country, geographical boundaries in any order, details of space, international politics, and practically anything that you can possibly ask. Studying in class one at SD Harit Modern School, run by Kautilya’s father Satish Sharma at Kuhand village, the little champ eats only homemade food prepared by his mother and avoids junk food.

He loves reading books, and that’s his idea of having fun. Kautilya likes to know everything about everything, but science and maths are his most-liked. He has a creative flair for writing and has written several songs and poems in Hindi. His ambition is to study as much as possible and then decide the course of his career.

The Haryana government has awarded Kautilya 10 lakhs for his achievements. He was also awarded the title ‘Bol Manishi’ by Kashi Vishwanath Varanasi and soon Shree Shree Dadi Gulzar of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University honoured Kautilya and blessed him for a great future.

Kautilya Pandit In KBC

In case you missed or were unaware of this Kaun Banega Crorepati episode, you must know, that where children during the age of 5 usually don’t get over watching cartoons, Kautilya Pandit became the youngest celebrity to reach the hot seat of this show with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Kautilya was invited to Kaun Banega Crorepati as a part of the Children’s Day Celebration. It was Actor Aamir Khan who brought him to the hot seat. He has been winning the hearts of all other celebrities too. This news of Kautilya coming to KBC went so viral that the google search engine was filled with searches like “Kautilya Pandit KBC” and “Google boy in KBC”.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was also highly impressed by this five-year-old. He was so surprised by Kautilya’s talent that he could not stop praising this boy. Mr Bachchan introduced this google boy as the ultimate bundle of knowledge who could answer even the most difficult question in just a snap of a finger. Kautilya proved it by answering all the questions commendably that were showered at him by Mr. Bachchan and the audience.

This episode was just an unbelievable battle of an actual computer vs. a human-computer (Kautilya Pandit). He did not only put Mr. Bachchan in awe by his knowledge but also by his graceful dance moves. They shared the floor and the moves on the song ‘Lungi Dance’.

After the show, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan also tweeted about Kautilya over his twitter account, “He’s a wonder kid, he knows the names of all the galaxies by heart just at the age of 5. This boy is absolutely genius.” He wrote, “this child can answer any question like no other scientist or a scholar can.”

This show gave Kautilya his first opportunity to visit Mumbai and sit in an airplane. In an interview, Kautilya also mentioned about how much he loved the set and meeting Mr. Bachchan. Further, he also spoke about his entire journey of the show and mentioned that Mr. Bachchan was very generous and had gifted him general knowledge books and promised him to meet again. Now Kautilya Pandit is recognized worldwide because of this show.

Today, Kautilya is 12 years old and his tremendous transformation will leave you in a shock. He is currently studying at ABC International school. Recently, he also met the founder of Super 30, Anand Kumar who is also a mathematician. They both had an interesting discussion on various topics and Mr. Anand was so surprised that he also applauded Kautilya’s talents. In 2016, he addressed 150 CEOs from various sectors as a guest speaker at HM Network Advantage India.

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